Black Squares Mosaic

Black Squares Mosaic (preliminary) laser print on bond paper 7×3 feet circa 2006 – in the studio

The Black Squares Mosaic is a work in progress that I have been developing off and on since 2005.  I am going to start documenting my work in this blog post.

The drawings are made by a computer program that I have coded in various different programming languages but it is really an idea, which is easiest to realize with a computer, but not impossible to make by hand.

The Concept 

The idea is that you divide the vertical dimension by a random number and draw squares of that size stacked.

I’m not sure exactly what has attracted me to this project, but it is very engaging for me. I think part of it is that there is no trickery beyond a lot of math. They look like black squares because they are, but the simple concept produces many different results and effects depending on what constraints are put on the generating program. Originally I called this piece Weaving because I was very excited about the idea of the repetitive grid like a weaving. I am somewhat interested in pursuing the weaving aspect of this work but it is enough to work on the computer drawings now.

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